The workshop is equipped to perform all types of repairs, from fixing a small tear in the sail, to the complete change of panels and profiles, or changing lines. Repairs are made, in canopy, lines, risers, harnesses, and parachute.

Repairs are always made with original materials of each manufacturer. If no specific material (sometimes stop making) an equivalent of the same manufacturer and the same mechanical and aesthetic characteristics are used.

In the case of the fabric of the same weight ripstop is used, and in the case of the line length, of the same material (Dyneema or aramid) and diameter.

ELNA doble arrossegament i triple
The workshop is equipped with mechanical and electronic machines single, double and triple feed. In the foreground, the ELNA dual feed machine, which advances the fabric under and over, the same time while doing needlework, thus achieving a high quality finish.
rotllos i teles
Rolls of ripstop fabric and suspension lines aramid (Kevlar) and dynema from different manufacturers, sizes and colors.

strip 1
strip 1
After repair

strip 2
A complete tear of the central cell box (top and bottom surface)
strip 2
The same wing completely repaired and revised